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Our handrail are crafted and milled from the best woods for lasting durability.  We use three or four horizontal laminates in all of our stock handrail.  This eliminates warping and twisting.  Solid handrail indicates there are no finger joints in the laminations.  Hickory, beech and walnut rails will have joints if over 8' in length.  

Cambridge and Regency handrail are plowed to 1-3/4".  Colonial handrail is plowed to 1-1/4" only.  Our Clasic, Newport and Georgian handrails can be plowed to 1-1/4" or 1-3/4".  Bending rail is not plowed.  all other plowed handrails require a custom quote. 

Curved rake and balcony rails, as well as curved landing tread are made from job-site templates or a radius specified by the customer.  Transitional bending easings that accommodate pitch changes in the rail system are also available.  For more information about our curved rails and bending easings, please call our Stair Parts Customer Service Team at 1.800.827.8247.

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